Smile Innovations Group is Canada’s leading dental lab network focused on dental laboratory acquisitions.

Smile Innovations Group continually seeks out additional opportunities to add to its growing portfolio of companies.  

We acquire dental labs which are:

High-quality, of reputable service, with aligned values & culture
Owners looking to transition within the short to medium term
Established with a loyal and supportive client following
Looking to leave a legacy and a strong succession plan

Mission Statement

We are an organization built on credibility with people who do what they say. Our goal is to create stakeholder value by maximizing human and financial capital. We have accountable leadership that walks the talk. We want to grow not only our business, but also our people. Being people first allows us to bring in the best team to execute for our clients.

What Partners are Saying

I owned Milident for 26 years. SIG purchased my business... I never thought I could enjoy working for someone else, but to ALL the lab owners out there thinking of selling, please consider calling these folks. They are the most honest stand-up people I have EVER done business with.”
“I am so happy to be working with them.

Pierre RozonFormer owner, Milident Inc

Work has become less stressful, because the responsibility of lab management and administration, has been lifted off my shoulders! I was finally able to remove myself and start formulating how I wanted to continue working! I'm happy to say I can now concentrate on the part of dental technology that I enjoy, treatment planning and ceramics. Smile Innovations was gracious enough to make it possible for me.

Hans ForssanderFormer owner, Shanto Dental Ceramics

While acquisitions are major business decisions, Smile Innovations truly understands that our people play a critical role, especially as it relates to the transition. It can be a leap of faith, yet they more than exceeded my expectations. The alignment continues today.

Charlie LeeFormer owner, JT Ceramics

We wanted to provide best in class solutions on a local level, as options previously were prohibitive, from both a cost and time perspective. With the advancements in technology, it’s an exciting time to be involved, and we look forward to collaborative relationships with our lab partners.

Donald ParkFounder DOD

After 42 years running my dental laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta, I am extremely glad to have connected with Smile Innovations to carry on my legacy and continue taking care of my staff and clients.

Steve YuFormer owner, Capital Ceramics

A customized transition plan for the next chapter
of your dental lab, and the next phase for you.