Vancouver, BC, December 1, 2021 — Smile Innovations Group announces the acquisition of Echelon Dental Laboratories Ltd.  Effective today, Echelon will now operate under Shanto Dental Ceramics, acquired in 2018, located in Vancouver, BC. 

The acquisition represents a strategic move given the increased demand for orthodontics.  Echelon’s owner and founder, Mr. Loris Campagnolo will continue to support day-to-day operations in both the fabrication of appliances and overall client and case consultation.  

Benefits for Echelon’s former clients will be increased efficiencies such as digital workflows, standardized automation, and access to Shanto Dental Ceramics complementary product mix, including fixed and removable dental prosthesis.  Conversely, Shanto Dental can now engage a multi-disciplinary approach when offering orthodontic and restorative solutions.  

“I am excited to join the Smile family, and Shanto Dental Ceramics, in their newly expanded, state of the art facility, which more than accommodates our anticipated growth.  As an independent owner and operator, centralized manufacturing and digital workflows have been in the past, resource and cost prohibitive.  Smile’s investment in these areas, allow me to be part of this rapidly evolving aspect in dentistry,” notes Mr. Campagnolo.   

For Smile Innovations, the synergies with regards to corporate culture and best in class customer support made Echelon an ideal target.  “Loris has built a reputable business over the last 2 decades, a direct result of a superior customer journey, unmatched technical expertise, quality and consistency.  We look forward to helping him further grow the business he founded, combined with a technology driven approach, and enhanced orthodontic solutions,” says Donald Park, Smile’s CEO.               

Smile Innovations Group is Canada’s leading dental lab network, focusing on dental laboratory acquisitions, consolidation and the development of dental products and services.  Established in 2018, the management of Smile Innovations Group offers extensive experience and success in the operational management of large-scale businesses and continually seeks out additional opportunities to add to their growing portfolio of companies.  It was co-founded by Manny Padda, Executive Chairman and Donald Park, CEO. 

Increased Market Demand for Orthodontic Products OfferFurther Growth Opportunities  


Donald Park l CEO

Manny Padda I Executive Chairman