Smile Innovations Group Partners with Dental Crafts Ltd. (“Dental Crafts”), expanding its presence in Newfoundland and Atlantic Canada. 

Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, December 31, 2023 – Smile Innovations Group is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Dental Crafts, a well-established dental laboratory based in Mount Pearl, NL. Dental Crafts will bolster Smile Innovations Group’s presence in the region and provide an enhanced level of service to dental professionals. 

Dental Crafts is renowned for its exceptional dental prosthetics and restorative services, backed by its dedication to employing advanced technology for outstanding outcomes in dental practices. Teaming up with Smile Innovations Group will support the lab’s ongoing expansion and evolution, offering a wider array of sophisticated digital solutions. 

“Smile Innovations Group is excited to have Craig Finch, Blair O’Brien, Tina O’Brien, and the entire team from Dental Crafts join us,” expressed Donald Park, CEO of Smile Innovations Group. “We’re eager to introduce and enhance cutting-edge digital solutions across Atlantic Canada, ensuring high-quality dental options for our customers. Collaborating with Dental Crafts’ skilled team, we aim to maintain our exceptional service standards for dental experts in Mt. Pearl and surrounding areas. “The team at Dental Crafts is excited about this new chapter and the opportunities it presents for further growth and innovation. 

“Joining forces with Smile Innovations Group represents a significant moment for Dental Crafts and our leadership team as we become part of Canada’s top lab group,” remarked Craig Finch, Blair O’Brien, and Tina O’Brien. “Through this partnership, we can maintain our high-quality client services while broadening the range of services we offer.” 

About Smile Innovations Group: Smile Innovations Group is a leading provider of dental solutions, committed to delivering the highest quality products and services to dental professionals across North America. The group’s extensive portfolio includes cutting-edge dental technology, materials, and services that help dental practices improve patient care and satisfaction. For more information, visit 

About Dental Crafts: Founded in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, by Craig and Tina’s parents, Dental Crafts has been serving dental professionals with top-quality dental prosthetics and restoration services for over 37 years. The lab is known to be a full-service dental lab with a state-of-the art facility. Our wide range of products and services sit on the cutting edge of the dental industry.  To learn more about Dental Crafts, visit



Donald Park | CEO
Manny Padda | Executive Chairman