Smile Innovations Group to Offer Fully Integrated Digital Dental Solutions With Lunch of Milling/3D Printing Company, Digital One Dental Technology

Vancouver, BC, April 1, 2019 — Smile Innovations Group Incorporated (SIG) has today announced, the inception of Digital One Dental (DOD,) as a local, full service dental laboratory solutions provider, affording Smile’s internal laboratories decreased manufacturing times and improved efficiencies.

Digital One, operating as a stand-alone milling and 3D printing company, will be able to provide state of the art CAD/CAM options, for the current laboratories under parent company, SIG. In addition, as a digital outsourcing center, Digital One will partner with outside labs, looking for local alternative design, milling or printing services.

The decision to launch their own internal milling center, allows Smile and its industry partners, the ability to simplify production, decreasing overall production times and cross border costs. Offering products using the latest digital design software, printing and milling machines, positions the company competitively and improves the internal workflow. Says CEO, Donald Park, “Our goal is to be a local front-runner in the dental space, working with and offering, the latest technology, as it evolves. While we are a young company, as a Dental Solutions Provider, we will continue to add materials and services to our overall portfolio.”

To ensure overall operational success, Mr. Jay Suh, a previous partner with West Coast Milling, will be heading up the company, as General Manager. “With over a decade of experience in the lab-to-lab industry, he is the most obvious choice,” says Park. The company is dedicated to the future of digital dentistry and has structured themselves strategically. “Given the rapid advancements our industry is experiencing, I have no doubt our portfolio options will differ drastically, several years from now. An exciting time to be involved; I look forward to our continued growth, and working collaboratively with our partners,” notes Mr. Suh.

Smile Innovations Group is a private investment company, focusing on dental laboratory acquisitions, consolidation and the development of dental products and services. Established in 2018, the management of Smile Innovations Group offers extensive experience and success in the operational management of large-scale businesses and continually seeks out additional opportunities to add to their growing portfolio of companies. It was co-founded by Manny Padda, Executive Chairman and Donald Park, CEO.


Donald Park l CEO

Manny Padda I Executive Chairman